Telling Your Story

In 2013 , I watched an amazing TedTalk by Komla Dumor. The talk was about storytelling. The ability to tell stories through the eyes and viewpoints of those who live it daily. The talk concluded with a quote; “Until the Lion learns to write, every story will glorify the Hunter”.

On 18 January 2014, less than a year after watching his TedTalk, we lost Komla Dumor. An amazing journalist, presenter, and global icon. His loss was deeply felt as he was only 41 years old with so much more to offer the world.

The key lesson from the talk was that black people need to tell their own stories. We so often leave it to others. Telling our own stories brings a rich narrative and perspective which offers deep meaning and context to the content being shared.

This website is my contribution to that cause of sharing content that highlights the amazing work black people and organizations are doing throughout the world.

I am doing this partly to inspire and educate myself.  A place to catalog content for my kids (the next generation) to show the works of amazing black people who look just like them.


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